ABOUT Signage Stars

Signage Stars is a growing signage firm, delivering a complete design consultancy package. We are more than a signage firm; no matter you’re a corporate solution, medical centre, schools, real estate, new shops, offices, or a builder; we are at your service to assist you enhance your business via visual communication. We also deliver some of the most common signage services used by businesses like banners, flags, frame/boards, post and panel signs, acrylic signs, ACP signs, 3D letters and illuminated signs. We are by your side; we desire the best for your business.

Signage Stars will thrive to bring an ideal balance to your signage, making sure your installation stands out in the crowd. Our committed, professional and skilled team make use of the most advanced technology and can generate any sign or print to fit your needs. If it’s starting from scratch to build a corporate identity, or suggesting on material and planning, we can assist you every step of the way.

Involve with your patrons and claim about what you do, first impressions really does count.

The prosperity of your project is persuaded by our planning and attention to detail. We understand the significance of this stage and spend some time with you to understand exactly what is needed and thereby apply our professionalism to deliver you the most efficient solution.

We can assist with all facets of signage, consultancy and design, starting from planning to delivery, resolving problems to financial management, to make sure your signage projects are fruitful.