Office Signage

Office Signage

Your office decor has a lasting impression on your clients-driving it as an impression to stand out for the apt reasons! A corporately branded office dictates to clients that you’re into a professional business.

Ensure that your office conveys your business message as well as corporate branding with a complete office signage solution.

At Signage Stars, we offer a wide range of office signage solution encompassing:

Acrylic signs and brochure holders

Reception signs

Window etched signs

Window etched service

Poster frames and posters

Retractable banners

Acid etched signs

Engraved signs

Hanging signs

Wall plaques

Illuminated signs

Wall signs

Wall mounted acrylic signs

Custom office signs and to name a few

We service and provide office signage right from the corporate signage to small office signage.

Signage Stars delivers a detailed sign consultation service where we can advise your business and also ask to collaborate over the best options for your office signage needs and budget.

Our service includes everything from signage consultation service, design service to sign installation across Melbourne.

Deliver A Proficient Business Image With Office Signs

Here at Signage Stars Shop, we immensely feel proud of our work and do our best to deliver our clients with the best service, pricing and product for their needs.

Having an appropriate image is very much essential for any business, irrespective of the trade they are into. Superior worth office signs are one of the easiest ways to add professional value to a commercial setting. There are particularly three types of office signs that are used namely: instructional, directional and promotional.

  • Directional office signs Mornington can aid in guiding people in the direction of the spot they’re in search of and may also include one like ‘waiting room,’ ‘meeting room,’ and ‘bathroom.’ Usually, in modern and advanced offices with different outlines or in larger buildings, office signs Mornington such as this will help your patrons and guests to discover the rooms they’re looking for.


  • Promotional Signs Carrum Downs, on the contrary, are ideal for publicising your logo or endorsing or conveying a message for your firm. We’re capable of printing your logo right onto Perspex in full colour which would rest impeccably in any reception or waiting area.


  • Instructional Signs Cranbourne basically advertises people as against specific actions in areas of the building. These may include signs like ‘no smoking,’ authorized personnel only’ and ‘turn off mobile phones.’

The external usage of office signs is essential, it delivers those visiting building an imprint that your business is recognized and honest. You may imagine, can a sign really convey those qualities? Yes, it can! Take into account the following; if you make an appointment with a business firm, and you land up finding a building is pristine, won’t that make you feel not so sure of the trustworthiness? Any other professional business would like to advertise itself and make it easy for the customer to find them. Feel free to reach out to our shopfront office signs page where you’re likely to discover more knowledge about making an amazing first impression for prospective clients.

We’re dedicated to making sure that the whole course, from start to end, is as easy and forthright as possible. Timeliness, affordability and eminence are our top primacies.

This is where Signage Stars Lanwarrin Shop comes into being. With our office signs presence in Mornington, Cranbourne, Lanwarrin, Karingal, and Carrum Downs, we’re capable of producing top quality office signs for your establishment, no matter which sector you’re into, whether you’re exercising a hotel, a doctor’s surgery, a dental clinic or any other business, we at Signage Stars can help. From conference to meeting room signs for hotels, to waiting room signs for hospitals and clinics, we have the proficiency and the expertise to create an ideal office sign for your business.

All our signage are fully customized with respect to lettering, size, materials and shape, no matter what your requirements are, you’ll discover something here to suit. Designed as per your precise stipulations, we pledge that any signed order you place with us will meet and surpass your anticipations. If you’re in search of any external or bespoke signage- feel free to contact us.

For business professionals seeking simple, reasonable entrance signs, we also provide a vinyl and acrylic range on which you can have your firm logo printed digitally. These are perfect for business owners who desire a professional, yet cost-effective sign for their office building. Unsurprisingly, branding is an essential aspect of any efficacious business; a sign backed up by an embossed logo is a simple, yet highly effective method of crafting an idiosyncratic, prominent name for your organization.


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Services We Specialize in

  • Traditional Hand Painted Signs
  • Fabricated 3D Signage
  • 3D Lettering
  • Corfiute & Temporary Signs
  • Stickers
  • Vinyl Cut Lettering
  • Promotional Banners
  • Retail & Shop Front Signs
  • Pull-Up Banners
  • Flags
  • A-Boards & T-Boards
  • Illuminated Lightboxes
  • Frosting & Etching
  • Menu Boards
  • Car Signage and Vehicle Wraps
  • Architectural Signs
  • Timber Signs
  • Metal Plaques
  • Screen Printed Signs
  • Flatbed Printing
  • Neon Signs
  • Sign Installation Service
  • Window Signs
  • Sale Signs
  • Temporary Window Signs
  • Truck signs
  • Truck Scrolls
  • Fluro Signs
  • Boat Signs
  • House Signs
  • Farm Signs
  • Custom Signs
  • One Way Vision Signs
  • Shop Signs
  • Reception Sign
  • Corporate Signs