Lightbox Signs

Put your brand in lights! Lightbox signage can be created for both external and internal sites. We utilise energy efficient LED lighting to create the lightbox. We also have solar power options available to minimise the impact your lightbox has on the planet.

Illuminate your business night and day for more exposure and attention Lightbox signage enables you to communicate your message even when your business is closed.

We can even custom build your lightbox to suit your premises, maximising your advertising space!

How do we create vibrant Lightbox Signage?

For your business in Melbourne and many other regions

Being one of the distinguished signage companies in Melbourne, at Sign Gallery, we understand the importance of well-designed illuminated signs. They look spectacular and put a spotlight on your commercial establishments, whether it’s a cafe, retail outlet or a business in a strip shopping centre. Nonetheless, poorly constructed lightbox signs and poor graphics can do more damage to your business than good. Our designers ensure that all steps and precautions are made to make sure that the lightbox signs created by us are just as relevant as they are mesmerising.

At Sign Gallery, we offer a variety of lightbox signs to suit the different needs and requirements of your business in Melbourne or anywhere else. So how do we do it? Well, we are excited to share with you the process of creating the perfect illuminated lightbox signs for various commercial establishments.

Creation of lightbox signages

  • First of all, we listen to the ideas and suggestions that you have about the kind of lightbox signage you want for your business. It allows us to design the most relevant and captivating lightbox sign for your establishment.
  • If you decide to give us total control over the process of creating the right lightbox signage for your business, that’s when you can fully benefit from our years of experience in visual marketing.
  • Our professional designers take a close look at your business and the brand image of your company.
  • Once we completely understand the image of your brand and what it represents, our designers create the most suitable and attractive lightbox signs for your commercial establishments.
  • We give so much importance to the suitability of illuminated lightbox signs with your business because it is the most eye-catching visual representation of your brand. Failing to capture that image in your lightbox signage can do a lot of damage to your business.
  • Therefore, it becomes essential for us to create lightbox signage that represents the exact image of your brand while also evoking a feeling of interest in potential customers.
  • Keeping that in mind, our designers create lightbox signage artwork that is captivating and lives up to the standard of your brand image.
  • At Sign Gallery, we also create solar-powered lightbox signage that allows you to help the environment as solar power contributes to the non-existence of greenhouse gas emissions.

Our primary goal at Sign Gallery is to help the growth of your business by providing lightbox signage in Melbourne and many other regions. So, if you or your commercial establishment needs our lightbox signs, get in touch with us right now and we’ll have an interesting and informative chat!

Sign Gallery Tip: We make sure your lightbox looks just as good during the day as it does at night making it a true 24/7 sign.